All India Sankrit Gain Pariksha

Children should be strong and fit to become a good sportsmen and their physical capabilities should be adequately developed. Only such like children can bring glory to their country and their faith. All schools of Vidya Bharati have facilities and programmes for physical development of children. Class wise physical education syllabus has been developed by specialist for this purpose. Regional Physical Training Centres have been established for specialized physical training. A National Sports Committee for Vidya Bharati has also been constituted. Vidya Bharati is affiliated to SGFI as a state.

Sanskriti Gian Preeksha For Teachers

Sanskriti Gian Preeksha for teachers is also held every year. There are three stage viz 'Prathma' 'Madhyama' and 'Utma' according to the standard & depth of the subject matter. Normally new teachers coming out of Teachers Training Institutes are not conversant in the cultural, historical and geographical knowledge of the country. This scheme & syllabus provides opportunity for them to attain this essential knowledge and imbibe the ethos of Bharatiya Sanskriti. A Pragya Pareeksha is also held after these three pareeksha.

Prashan Manch (Quiz Competition)

Prashan Manch competitions are held on state and regional level in four stages viz primary, upper primary, secondary & sr. secondary. Subject matter to be tested through these quiz competitions is based on books on Samskruti Gyan (stage wise) and some other books prescribed such as on Astronomy, Freedom movement and biographies of our national heroes.

Essay Writing Competition

This is an all India Programme. The competition is held in three stages viz primary, upper primary, secondry & sr. secondary. Marking of the essays is done at state level & prizes for the best, three essays of each group are given state wise. Topics of essays are on 'Puniya Bhumi Bharat', Indian Culture, History, Prominent personalities in the field of science and literature.