• The Students should attend classes requrlarly and punctually,completing their home works
  • All the Students should Don't request for half-day leave of your child
  • The students should keep their classroom and school campus clean.They are strictly forbidden to scibble or write anything or making on the walls or furniture
  • Students must bring all the relavent Note Books & Text Books.
  • No student is expected to leave the school during working hours without the permission of the HM/Principal
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter class rooms during working hours
  • Every student must speak in English in School premises.
  • No Student shall absent himself/herself withour a leave application from the parent/guardian. In case of illness, a medical certificate mus be attachd with the leave application
  • The name of the student, who remains absent for 10 consecutive days withour leave letter will be struck off from the rolls without intimation
  • All the Students must attend the school on the reopning day after vacation
  • Every student must chec his/her respective school bag to make sure that he/she is carrying all the belongings before leaving the class-room
  • Every student must maintain the diary reqularly
  • Student should keep their books and diaries clean and tidy,Covered and properly labelled.